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How to stop drug maintenance?

The adverse effects of synthetic drug maintenance nowadays, remain as one of the largest epidemics haunting mankind. The annual global death rate due to the complications keep increasing. The wrongly perceived antidote (drugs)  to human sufferings are actually deterring the ease and shortened the lives of the victims.

A very sad fact about it is, most of the victims believe that drug maintenance is lifetime. This is absolutely wrong! Human body can escape from this safely thru proper coaching program and natural health restoration approach. Read more…

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The decade-long most trusted formula, healing in a box. Loaded with 14 natural and herbal products to provide healing even at home. The cleansing and healing box contains the immediate solution to degenerative diseases and a complete form of detoxification.

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Anger Management

Being angry most of the time can waste a lot of time and prevent people from achieving all that they can in the workplace.

Conquering Shyness

Shyness is an awkward emotion wherein there is an apprehension that some people feel while mingling with  other people or to face a crowd.

Avoiding Laziness

Laziness is the mother of all failure. Whether you are lazy for a minute or ten years, the result is still the same –you lose lots of opportunities.

Catherine Saragosa, 58 years old, teacher from Narra, Palawan

“I was suffering from lung problem, diabetes for six years and gallstone. I was not that bothered about my diabetes but my lungs got weaker. I lost weight. When I came to Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program with twenty-three other Palaweños, I know I am on my...
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— Rosela Granado from Sorsogon

“I had this stomach pains and when I went to the doctor I was given synthetic drugs and took it for 3 weeks but I still felt the pain. I was worried so I had ultrasound and they found out there are polyps and gallbladder stone. One time, my sibling asked me about my...
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“I experienced stroke twice. Synthetic drugs did not work for me.” – -Roger Ansano

“In 2008, my diseases started to show. I had diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. I experienced stroke twice. Synthetic drugs did not work for me. When I joined the seminar, they recommend Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program. Now, my body felt better and...
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“I had diabetes, fatty liver, gallstone and a nodule in my thyroid has a problem which is the cause of my weight gain.”- Maria Lourdes Go, Businesswoman from Balanga City Bataan

“I had diabetes, fatty liver, gallstone and a nodule in my thyroid has a problem which is the cause of my weight gain. Just recently, I had a breast lump. Before, I had three surgeries already and was tired of hospital procedures. I appreciated the 360 degrees...
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I suffered from diabetes and for 15 years — Marecia Delusa

Since 2002 I suffered from diabetes and for 15 years it was a painful experience. I was insulin dependent and the saddest news was when the medical doctor recommended amputation. I couldn’t accept it and we sought for ways for my cure. My son who is a seaman was told...
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