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How to stop drug maintenance?

The adverse effects of synthetic drug maintenance nowadays, remain as one of the largest epidemics haunting mankind. The annual global death rate due to the complications keep increasing. The wrongly perceived antidote (drugs)  to human sufferings are actually deterring the ease and shortened the lives of the victims.

A very sad fact about it is, most of the victims believe that drug maintenance is lifetime. This is absolutely wrong! Human body can escape from this safely thru proper coaching program and natural health restoration approach. Read more…

Experience the healing of the body, mind, and spirit in just 7 days. A complete transformation for life. Throw away all your pains, diseases and stress as you discover a whole new you, ultimately happy, healthy and wealthy. Restore your life and health.

The miracle vitamin C is the answer to your ever-doubting mind and ever-changing body. It is a complete vitamin that gives a skin a youthful glow, heals the heart, liver and kidney as it also maintains normal blood pressure and blood sugar. Surely, the miracle vitamin C is just a click away.

The decade-long most trusted formula, healing in a box. Loaded with 14 natural and herbal products to provide healing even at home. The cleansing and healing box contains the immediate solution to degenerative diseases and a complete form of detoxification.

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Anger Management

Being angry most of the time can waste a lot of time and prevent people from achieving all that they can in the workplace.

Conquering Shyness

Shyness is an awkward emotion wherein there is an apprehension that some people feel while mingling with  other people or to face a crowd.

Avoiding Laziness

Laziness is the mother of all failure. Whether you are lazy for a minute or ten years, the result is still the same –you lose lots of opportunities.

Grace Lozada, Digos City

I learned by then that being too emotional has a great negative impact on health. Now that I know the adverse effect of this, any strange result due to my own wrong decision or any uncontrollable events must be first settled in the mind.

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“My diabetes is healed!” -Juanita Pilao

I had a dressmaking business but in 2014 I had a serious health problem. My sugar went up and I was always thirsty and became insulin dependent. Last December I tried the cleansing formula of Dok Alternatibo and amazingly I was able to stop my insulin. I also used the...
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Dolritz Llego

In 2014 I almost committed suicide because of the piling personal problems. I was accused of molesting a child. I couldn’t understand why those events happened even if I did nothing wrong. I had a bad blood with my relatives and I almost killed the person who maligned...
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“I learned that negative thoughts destroy our health”–Leonarda Parba

“I have always been a believer of natural healing. I had hypertension, cyst, hyperacidity, stress and kidney problem but because of 7 days cleansing I was healed. Before I know Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program I was in and out the hospital and my medication...
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“Dok Ed make me see the dangers of synthetic drugs” -Maritess Enero, Administrative Officer

“My husband informed me about Rejuvenation Treatment and Coaching Program because he was worried about my frequent headache, sinusitis for more than 30 years, asthma and I am stressed at work. My pains in my body and worries in my mind make me weak and sickly. I...
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